Special Projects

All Rubber has a team of chemists and specialists, engineers, technical staff and production people to handle the most complex applications and design specifications of rubber. Research and development is conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that rubber products can be tailored to suit the individual specifications of any customer. This can include improved abrasion and chemical resistance in mining applications, improvements in modular screen design to increase plant efficiency and throughput.

This R&D capacity can then be coupled with extensive on-site field experienced personnel, project managers and OH&S / QA officers to handle any project.

Recently All Rubber has completed a major project for the Australian Defence Forces which included the formulation, design, manufacture and fitting of ballistic resistant rubber panels in a state of the art special forces training facility in outer Sydney. All Rubber’s technical team of chemists, engineers and technical specialists were able to perform the research and development necessary to produce a rubber compound, and panel design which met the stringent requirements of the ADF. Combining the diverse requirements of fire resistance, anti-splash and bullet encapsulation, the research and design team was able to fully meet the stringent safety requirements of the ADF.

Once the design criterion was met, All Rubber was able to manage the entire project from manufacture, to installation with all the required quality control checks. This included on-site teams of trained rubber specialists to ensure the panels were correctly handled and adhered to ensure maximum protection. Building on previous work done with the Special Air Services (SAS) regiment in Perth, and culminating in the Sydney training facility, All Rubber has developed specialist technology in the area of ballistic rubber protection.

Projects as diverse as solid tyres, rubber panel tip trucks, wave energy powered generators and desalination plants are all examples of challenges routinely undertaken.

This unique capability to be able to incorporate chemical and design development, with manufacture and finally on-site installation and monitoring, is applied to all areas of interest. In the mining sector it has been successfully used to improve the life of screen panels from 14weeks to 44 weeks. This has resulted in significant savings of replacement cost, and more significantly higher productivity.

The underlying belief that rubber and final product design can be specifically tailored to better suit individual customer application, is fundamental to All Rubber’s philosophy of total customer service. Research and development therefore forms a critical part of the company as innovators of rubber technology.




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