Vulcanising Press - AIR BAG Pressure Unit

Vulcanising Press - AIR BAG Pressure UnitAir and water filler reinforced rubber bladders, have revolutionised the way pressure can be applied in pressing systems.

Conventional technology required that pressure is normally applied through mechanical means such as torque bolts or rams. These systems are usually bulky, expensive, and result in a poor distribution of pressure at the surface.Vulcanising Press - AIR BAG Pressure Unit

All our vulcanisers employ the pressurising system whereby water or air is pumped into a reinforced rubber bladder (commonly called an air-bag). As the bag fills, pressure is then applied to the vulcanising platens of the press.

Vulcanising Press - AIR BAG Pressure UnitThe bags can be incorporated into the supporting beams of the press, or can be a separate single unit.

The air-bags are the heart of the EAGLE, FALCON, and HAWK vulcanising presses. The bags are custom made to various applications and can be designed to withstand various pressures.

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