Belt Slicer- A 36 Recycling Rubber Technology

Belt Slicer- A 36 Recycling Rubber TechnologyThe A36 BELT SLICER represent a revolutionary new recycling technique for used steel cord and fabric reinforced conveyor belts.Belt Slicer- A 36 Recycling Rubber Technology

It employs the use of an oscillating blade to slice through the top or bottom cover of the conveyor belt. This produces sheet of rubber of various thicknesses which can be used as matting or as a raw material for producing mudflaps, flooring and other products.

The A36 BELT SLICER can likewise be use to recondition a heavy belt for use on smaller systems by reducing its thickness, thus allowing it to rotate around smaller pulleys more easily.

In the case of steel cord belts, the reinforce cord can be completely cut out of the belt, or removed by a secondary process to leave a grooved surfaced ideal for matting and other applications.

Conveyor belts can be reconditioned using the belt slicer by cutting away the worn sections of a conveyor belt in preparation for recovering, and as an alternative to time consuming and expensive buffing techniques.

Designed and built in Australia, the A36 Belt Slicer offers a whole new technology and set of options for recycling and reprocessing used conveyor belts which was previously unavailable. It is pateneted worlwide and helping to make rubber environmentally friendly by turning a waste product into a lucrative resource.



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