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A = Length of platen along the belt

B = Width of platen across the belt on the bias

C = Right angle dimension across the belt, plus edge overlap

D = Bias angle

When selecting a press for your particular application, the following can be used as a guide for determining the platen length (A) and the platen width (B), as shown on the diagram on the right.

A - The platen length (A) is determined by adding the following amounts to the manufacturers recomended splice length:

6 inches (150mm) for fabric belt
14 inches (355mm) for steelcord belt.

B - The width of platen, or dimension B (along the bias), is determined by taking the belt width and adding:

6 inches (150mm) for fabric belt
8 inches (200mm) for steelcord belt.

To this figure multiply by:
1.05 for 16 deg bias angle
1.07 for 22 deg bias angle
1.117 for 26.5 deg bias angle.

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  A AS B C
  in.  mm in.  mm in.  mm in.  mm


27  685 32    810 37  940 41 1040


9.5  240 12.5 315 15  380 17 430


8     200 10.5 265 13  330 15 380


7    175 7      175 6    150 6.5 165

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FALCON presses are built within high safety margins using the latest stress analysis software, and thermodynamic modeling. The ultimate in protability is achieved using high strength lightweight aluminium. Standard press dimensions are in units of 200mm increments along the length or the width of the platen. The diagram on the left shows the typical detail analysis which goes into the design and construction of each vulcanising press.

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Stress Von Mises (Maximum)
Avg. Max +6.7183E+02
Avg. Min  +1.5920E-01
Original Model
Load: load1


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