Vulcanising Press - EAGLE Belt Construction & Repairs

Vulcanising Press - EAGLE Belt Construction & RepairsThe EAGLE belt recovery press is designed for conveyor belt construction, repairs and vulcanisation of sheet rubber. It can also be used for many applications of general rubber vulcanisation and moulding.

it comes complete with steam operated or electrically heated platens and can be pressurised using an airbag or waterbag. Most commonly operating at 200 p.s.i., with full steel construction. Normal operating temperature of 140degC.
A total day-light opening of approximately 300mm can be achieved for ease of operation.

The platen is made full of aluminium construction incorporating a 300mm cooling end for use in continuous vulcanising surface area of 4mx2.2m, and 9mxx2.2m. However the EAGLE press can be custom to made to any specific requirement.

The only vulcanising press of its type which is entirely built in Australia, using all local components. This results in the obvious advantages of a superior product, with ease of maintenance, prompt support and of course an extremely competitive price.

Vulcanising Press - EAGLE Belt Construction & RepairsThe EAGLE press can be designed as a manual, semi-automatic or fully computerised system. Under a fully controlled such as, temperature, pressure, bolster positioning and locking, belt release, indexing and belt tensioning. The automated computer controller will also generate a printout identifying all parameters and times for each cycle.

The EAGLE press can also be supplied as a fully automated conveyor belt production line, including take up reels, slack adjusters, and laminating rollers. This allows the belt to be simultaneously constructed and laminated from calendered rubber, therefore eliminating one stage of the production process and greatly increasing efficiency with very fast cycle times, and minimal operator input.


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