Vulcanising Press - FALCON Series III Belt Splicing Press

Vulcanising Press - FALCON SeriesII Belt Splicing PressThe FALCON (SeriesIII) has evolved from its original design into the most advanced, reliable and easy to use press on the market. Constructed from light weight high tensile strength aluminium. The FALCON vulcanising press is designed to be robust and give maximum performance. Utilizing a single air-bag or water-bag it gives the most even pressure distribution across the entire platen surface. Its thin platen construction allows for maximum flexibility to contour to the shape of the conveyor belt and provide accurate vulcanisation.

Vulcanising Press - FALCON SeriesII Belt Splicing PressCONTROL: The control box incorporates circuit breakers and digital temperature controllers. The power of "FUZZY LOGIC" means the press will think for itself to give the most accurate temperature performance. The "Brain Child" controller will self adjust all parameters to give optimum temperature maintenance (with no overshoot) and minimize warm-up time. These robust solid state units give unparalleled performance and reliability. Should maintenance ever be required they can slide out, and a new one can slide in to get you back into production in seconds. Single or three phase control boxes are available.

SILICON RUBBER MATS: Resistor heater mats are now of standard Silicon Rubber construction. Power ratings and material thermodynamics have been modelled to give uniform temperature across the entire splice area of +/- 3deg. C.

Vulcanising Press - FALCON SeriesII Belt Splicing PressWATER COOLING: Water cooling in the platens is standard on all FALCON vulcanising presses. Inlet and outlet plugs are provided on each side of the platen with an internal cooling coil. The integrated cooling system is resin packed to ensure maximum contact area and therefore minimal cooling time.

The only portable splicing press which is built in Australia, using high grade Australian aluminium and all locally available components. This results in reduced down time when replacing components or carrying out any maintenance.

QUALITY: It is engineered to perform well within its operational range which result in less stress fatigue and long service life. A superior product at a very competitive price. All presses undergo a thorough factory Q.A. and test procedure, to monitor all aspects of press performance. 12 months warrantee on parts and workmanship.

PRESS HIRE: The FALCON vulcanising press is available press is available for hire anywhere in Australia on a long or short term basis (one day, one week or one year). Should you wish to purchase your press at a later stage, half your rental costs will be discounted off the price. Allowing you to try before you buy.


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