Vulcanising Press - HAWK P.V.C & Polyurethane

Vulcanising Press - HAWK P.V.C & PolyurethaneThe HAWK vulcanising press is the ultimate light weight press for splicing P.V.C and polyurethane belts. It incorporates all the features demanded in an easy to use and sophisticated press for this type of work.

Constructed from a light weight high tensile strength aluminium, with two pivoting holding down bolts at each end. Designed to operate to a maximum pressure of up to 70 p.s.i, and a heating temperature of approximately 160 degrees C.Vulcanising Press - HAWK P.V.C & Polyurethane

Each platen is individually controlled with a separate control box. Each control panel incorporates an accurate digital display temperature read out, and circuit breaker.

The platens are water cooled as standard, with the top beam assembly housing the airbag.

Vulcanising Press - HAWK P.V.C & PolyurethaneThe HAWK vulcanising press is designed to operate on single phase power, achieving a very fast warm up time.

For improved versatility it has been designed to operate as a portable unit which can be completely dismantled into two parts. Or it can be hinge bolted on one end to operate effectively as a factory press, which can be easily opened and closed by one operator, removing the need to use chain blocks (or similar) to effect multiple factory use.

The only P.V.C polyurethane press manufactured in Australia using all locally available components.

PRESS HIRE: Available for hire anywhere in Australia for long or short terms. Should you then desire to purchase the press after the period, half your rental cost will be refunded as a discount on the purchase price.


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