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All-Rubber was formed in 1971 in Western Australia and founded by Olivio DAngelo. Originally a wholly owned family business it was first involved in the transport industry, with a fleet of trucks moving freight to the mines in the north-west of Western Australia.

In conjunction with the transport operations, a lucrative business was established with the recycling of second-hand conveyor belts (and other materials), generated in the mining operations as waste product. Mining operations generated and enormous amount of used conveyor belting. Conventional disposal techniques consisted primarily of burying, and sometimes even burning this waste material, which was a large environmental problem.

Steel cord, and fabric-reinforced belts were recycled and manufactured into mudflaps, industrial matting, truck mudguards, flooring and reused as lighter conveyor belting. This operation still exists with the development of internationally patented machinery to facilitate in the production of these items. The slicing machinery developed to remove the rubber covers from the reinforcing substrates, is exclusive to All-Rubber, and is marketed worldwide. Consequently the products produced in these operations also have niche markets and have likewise design protection.

In 1980 the company focused exclusively on the rubber business, with the securing of conveyor belt service contracts with companies such as ALCOA, PIONEER, and METRO BRICK. At this point an intensive research and development program was established, to produce Australian made products, used to service the mining and quarrying industry. This was an export replacement initiative, as most rubber related adhesives and machinery product were imported from Germany, Canada and Malaysia. The Research and Development program was successful in developing this range of products, which is now being manufactured by All-Rubber directly, or by its joint venture partners.

The manufacture of this exclusive range of products has lead to significant export sales to countries such as U.K., U.S.A, South Africa, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and many others. Joint Ventures have been established in some countries, to allow technology transfer for the manufacture of various products, in a low cost labour environment. This ensures a competitive, high quality product can always be supplied.

Between 2000 and 2002, significant ongoing capital upgrading was made to increase production capacity and efficiency in the Malaga Factory. Additional new products were also brought into the product range, most notably screen mats, rubber and ceramic strip lagging and moulded products.

Later All Rubber purchased the remaining interest in Wesbelt, and the companies merged to form an expanded, vertically integrated operation. Shares were also acquired in East Coast Rubber, a rapidly expanding rubber lining company based in Queensland and northern Australia. Further offices were later opened in Sydney and internationally in Chile and Canada, confirming a direct sales presence in 3 continents.

All Rubber is interested in expanding its export markets, appointing agents and where attractive entering into joint ventures with overseas companies. Interested parties should email allrubber@allrubber.com.au

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